Tuesday, 15 September 2020


The Ice Sheet

1) Antarctica is covered in a... 
a) Tiny Ice Sheet b) Medium Ice Sheet
c) Giant Ice Sheet d) Is that like a blanket of ice? (yes it is)

2) On average the ice sheet is:
a) Over 2km deep b) Under 2km deep

3) At its thickest point the ice is:
a) 4 km deep b) 5km deep
c) 6 km deep d) 7 km deep

4) At its Antarctica's thickest point how many Sky Towers could you fit?
a) 2-3 b) 20
c) 6 d) 12

Hidden in the ice

5) What land features does the article not mention hidden in the ice
a) Lakes b) Mountains
c) Waterfalls d) Rocks

6) Which is bigger?
a) Lake Taupo b) Lake Vostok

7) What is the name of the mountain range buried in the ice? 
a) Gamburtsev b) Vostok
c) Ruapehu d) Taupo

Frozen Desert

8) What makes it a desert? 
a) sand b) little rainfall
c) camels d) I like turtles

9) Is Antarctica dry? 
a) No it’s made of ice b) Yes because ice isn’t wet (only melted ice)
c) I don’t even know d) I still like turtles

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