Friday, 25 May 2018

Owly and Twirly's Adventure

Once apon a time there where two little animals and there're names were Owly and Twiry. Owly was a owl and Twiry was a worm. They lived in a backyard when it was Autumn. There was a beautiful tree but it lost all its branches because it was Autumn. One cold and freezing afternoon Owly was 
on her nest and she was going to give birth and she was going to find some food for them. Twiry wanted to help her too. So Twily dug under ground Tirly went low and Owly went high. Owly found something but it was just hay again. Owly looked at some red berries he didn't know if if they were yummy so she flew all the way home. Twirly came as well. Owly fed them to the babies. The babies smiled and they said " we want some more" Owly and Twirly were so happy. The End.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Friday, 18 May 2018

Eli the robot

Once apon a time there was a robot called Eli. He lived in a scrap yard. He had a broken light for his head and spring for the first leg .For the second leg he had a bolt and a arm plug for the other arm.For the body he had a cassette tape.The junk yard had old and rusty  cars lying around.Eli was so bared because he did not have any friends .He found two little wires Eli picked up one of them but he said put me down!" so Eli put him gently 
down. He went back and saw a plug. He pulled  some tape off his body then put a smiley face on the plug. But he was still bored because his friend didn't talk. He went to a rusty car and found a plug but he got electrocuted. Eli was still alone but he met a girl with a fan head. They both had a plug. Then they connected it and they became friends forever.