Wednesday, 1 July 2020

my writing if i was an octopus for one day

Aaah! The life of an octopus! Eat, sleep, eat, sleep. You know I’m a male just relaxing. Well let me show you how I live in this wonderful (terrible) life. People think I look a little (very) dumb which I don’t like. People have killed my family and predators but I stand tall. Wait a minute! I just need to deal with this shark…

“You want to come big dumb thing?“ growld the shark.

“What did you say buck tooth?'' I said.

Five minutes later, I had finished with the shark. Phew done with that. Now let's move on. Everyone has got talent. Right here inside of me I have talent because I have three hearts. That means I can be very caring to people  (to people that I don't eat). For example, the great whale is one of the kindest or the orca . I can weigh 10-50 pounds in weight. So yeah, Idon't eat that much when i'm a grownup (come on). So that's my life for ya wait now there's diver grinding their cameras with them “chick chick” the cameras are heading towards me well i gotta show off so id see you later (psych).

Giant Pacific Octopus facts