Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Elijah Response to Text (Wednesday T3, W8

 Response to Text

  1. Who was the article about? (Full name, and title)

Sir Āpirana Ngata

  1. When and where was he born?

3 july 1874

  1. Which Iwi was Apirana Ngata most connected to?

Ngati porou

  1. What was he the first Maori person to do?


  1. Finish these sentences from the text:

    1. “Apirana dedicated himself to the improvement of Maori socially, culturally and economically. ”

  1. “Apirana was a proud Maori, and fought to set up businesses and schools for maori throughout nz and it is this kind of work that created his legacy in a world where maori were looked down upon by the European colonists Apirana fought to keep their traditions alive not by fighting them in wars but by playing the game the Europeans and protecting maori culture with the power of the law. ”

  2. “...he used these connections to educate himself in the ways of European politics and the law.”

  1. Why do you think it was important for Apirana to educate himself like a European? Because he needed to do that because he would beat them in their own game

  1. What do you think motivated him to fight so hard to keep Maori Culture alive? Our culture would not  be alive and not be a language.

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  1. Hello Elijah, well done on your work study about Sir Apriana Ngata and how he was the first Maori in politics. What a legacy he left behind setting up businesses and schools for Maori and most importantly education was the key to keeping Maori culture and traditions alive. Where was he born? Keep up the great work Elijah and I look forward to seeing more posts. Stay safe.